5 Reasons to Need a Fake Diploma

First of all, yes, you really can get a fake diploma. But is it legal to use it? Yes, it is, but in all situations.

Furthermore, why do people buy fake diplomas, anyway? If you’ve been wondering about these questions, we have good news for you. Namely, we have all the answers explained right here in this guide.

Most importantly, we explain the situations in which it is legal to buy and use a fake diploma. Read on to learn all you need to know.

Is It Legal to Get a Fake Diploma?

Buying a fake diploma is 100% legal. That includes replicas of legit diplomas that are exact in every detail as well as fake diplomas from fake institutions.

For instance, you can have one printed that says you earned a “BA in Funkadelic Awesomeness” from “Banarama University.” And it will look very official.

Using a Fake Diploma For Academic Fraud

However, the controversy starts when you order one that says you graduated at the top of your class from Yale. Technically, this one’s legal, too.

But if you claim that it’s a real achievement that you earned in order to, say, get a job, that’s academic fraud. And, yes, academic fraud is quite illegal.

So, what’s the bottom line? You can print any diploma you like and brag about it to your friends all you want. But if you use it as an official document for official purposes, you’re committing illegal fraud against the U.S. government.

Why Buy a Fake Diploma?

With that warning still fresh in your mind, know that there are also several legitimate reasons to get a fake diploma.

Here are the 5 most common reasons people buy one.

1. For Illegitimate Uses

Okay, seriously, we just said not to use your fake diploma for illegal purposes. Still, neither our warnings nor the law will stop certain individuals from fraudulently using their replica diplomas.

That’s why fake diploma companies are still in business. They are not responsible for how their buyers use their replicas.

2. To Replace a Lost Diploma

Have you lost a diploma? Companies that sell fake diplomas can recreate real ones that are exact in every detail to the original.

Given enough research, they can make one that’s nearly identical to the one you lost. Then, you’re (legally) welcome to frame it for sentimental value.

3. To Replace an Ugly Diploma

Alternatively, perhaps you have a diploma that’s worn out, stained, torn, crumpled, etc. On the other hand, maybe it looked ugly and cheap to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with ordering a nicer version of this same diploma to hang on your wall.

4. Just For Fun

Remember the silly example about Bananarama University? This is actually a pretty fun idea for a unique, personalized gift. Make your friends’ dreams come true in the form of an official-looking fake diploma.

5. For Film Props

Film crews create or purchase replicas of just about anything for use as movie props. As with prop money, there’s nothing illegal about using fake diplomas this way.

Use Your Fake Diploma Wisely

If you do decide to purchase a fake diploma, remember the warnings in this guide. But, also, remember the legitimate uses of fake diplomas and just have fun with them.

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